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Luz de Luna
Fernando Olivera (Oaxaca, Mexico),
Aquatint (27 1/8" x 19 5/8" image size, 36" x 28" sheet size), #22, 2013

Long renowned as a center for folk art production, the mountainous southern Mexico state of Oaxaca has a growing reputation for the fine arts as well. Birthplace of the late masters Rufino Tamayo, Rodolfo Nieto and Rodolfo Morales, Oaxaca has also produced such leading Mexican artists as Francisco Toledo. But it is the vitality of the younger generation of Oaxaca artists, such as Enrique Flores, Leovigildo Martinez, Fernando Olivera, and Carlomagno Pedro that has led critics to identify a distinct Oaxaca School of Mexican art. Oaxacan art draws its strength from native Indian culture, myths and legends. It is suffused with "magic realism" a folk surrealism in which people fly and mysterious juxtapositions are the norm. As poet Alberto Blanco has written, the artists of Oaxaca "all tend to depict one theme: the appearance in our history of another time and place. A space within another space. A time within another time."

Indigo Arts has exhibited the fine arts of Oaxaca for over two decades, and has hosted solo shows for Rodolfo Morales and Fernando Olivera. Our inventory generally includes collages, paintings, aquatints, serigraphs, lithographs and woodcuts by Morales, Flores, Martinez, Olivera, Carlomagno and others. Indigo Arts Cards is this country's leading publisher of art cards (notecards and postcards) of the work of the contemporary artists of Oaxaca.

Our most recent exhibits of the art of Oaxaca are Grabados de Oaxaca:
Graphic Works from Oaxaca, Mexico
and De la Tierra de los Sueños /From the Land of Dreams: Art from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Oaxaca Artists:

Juan Alcazar (2/15/08)

Roman Andrade Llaguno (8/25/05)

Fernando Andriacci NEW! (3/8/10)

Modesto Bernardo (4/19/10)

Grace Bishko (3/11/08)

Naftali Fabian

Enrique Flores (10/23/14)

Abelardo Lopez (10/13/10)

José Eddie Martinez (3/22/14)

Leovigildo Martinez (2/23/08)

Lorena Montes (2/12/14)

Felipe Morales (2/16/15)

Rodolfo Morales (9/16/15)

Fernando Olivera (3/27/15)

Carlomagno Pedro (3/21/08)

Cecilio Sanchez (4/19/08)

Filemon Santiago (7/24/15)

Shinzaburo Takeda (9/24/10)

Crispin Vayadares (1/17/15)

Wood Carvings from Oaxaca:
Various artists (12/1/11)

Wood Carvings from Oaxaca:
Armando and Moises Jimenez

More Mexican Artists:

Hortensia Bueno (1/17/11)

Nicolas de Jesus New! (9/28/13)

René Del Toro

Alicia Gallardo (6/18/11)

Ralfka Gonzalez (5/10/06)

Judith Gutierrez

Lucas Lorenzo and Family (4/16/11)

Alberto Javier Martinez (12/18/03)

José Esteban Martinez

Karima Muyaes

Alejandro Nava (11/24/06)

Francisco Onate (3/6/06)

Guadalupe Sierra

Mario Romero (12/15/10)

Dance Masks from Mexico (1/11/12)

Huichol Indian Yarn Paintings, Masks & Beadwork (4/16/11)

Mexican Folk Carvings (4/16/11)

Mexican Folk Pottery (3/28/09)

Santos and Retablos from Latin America (6/19/08)

Books on Mexican Art & Folk Art (10/10/06)

Mexican Children's Books (9/8/04)

Mexican Art Links

Latin American and Caribbean Folk & Fine Art

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